Board members

The board is ultimately responsible for the foundation. Within and alongside the formal duties, the board spreads the mission and vision of New Generation Brasil. In addition, next to the enabling activities the board is responsible for conceiving, drafting and establishment of substantive policy of the foundation. The board meets at least 1 time per quarter. The board consists of four people, Samuel of Raa, Arja Hilberdink Henk Wassink and Hans Tims who all are highly motivated. Each member has its own role:

Chairman: Samuel van de Raa

  • leading all meetings;
  • coordinating the policy of the board and initiating and ensuring that the activities are in the best interest of the foundation
  • compiling the annual report;
  • actively searching for ambassadors;
  • linking pin to the advisory board;
  • organizing PR activities;
  • link to the sponsors;
  • responsible for all internal and external communications.

Secretary: Henk Wassink

  • the administration and correspondence to all contacts of the foundation;
  • the preparation and organization of all meetings;
  • taking minutes of all meetings;
  • stores the received letters and keeps copies of all letters sent;
  • responsible for the website / social media;
  • management of properties; funds excluded.

Treasurer: Arja Hilberdink

  • the administrations of sponsors;
  • management, collection and payment of the funds of the foundation and the accounting thereof. Cash management and manages the bank accounts;
  • reporting the financial position on a regular basis, at least once per year;
  • preparing the annual budget for coming year;
  • assisting in compiling the annual report for an external auditor appointed by the board.

Board Member: Hans Tims

  • Hans Tims is the only General Board Member. He takes part in all meetings of the Board. Hans Tims’s main task is to maintain the External Relations. He has, of course, an equal position in the decision making process of the Board.



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