Jos and Ineke Koman

Jos en Ineke

Ever since Klaas van de Raa told us about Brazil we have felt a connection with the country. We do not know why, but even though we have been to many countries, this special band never faded. When I (Jos) was in Natal with my youngest daughter for a few weeks , I was very upset seeing the young women who prostitute themselves in order to provide for their livelihood. My daughter and I said to each other, “If we win the Lotto, we will have women sent over here from The Netherlands to give them a proper education, so they can have a chance of a better future.” Since I’ve been back that feeling has remained with me.  I have often shared my thoughts with Ineke and she feels the same. If it is possible, we would therefore like to be as involved in the work of Samuel and Laura as we can, either in the Netherlands or on location in Brazil.

From the very moment we met Raquel van de Raa, Samuel and later Laura, we ‘clicked’. We have come to know them as honest and positive people with both feet on the ground. Aside from their sense of humor and friendship they are, to our knowledge, people who have not only the ideas but also the talent and the will to make those ideas a reality, both spiritually and socially. We have great confidence in them because they want to do the work they do in the way God put it in their hearts, without compromise and in purity. To us, their ideas are very good and they match our own desire to help underprivileged children in Brazil find and develop their talents for a better future.

The work of Samuel and Laura is always in our prayers.
As their good friends, we hope to be able to help them in any way possible, mentally, socially or practically. Our greatest desire is to be there on the site and do what we can in collaboration with the foundation, but that is for God to decide. As we have stated above, we are very concerned about the youth in Brazil. We possess several practical skills that could be useful within the foundation, such as Graphic Design, Desk Top Publishing, and various creative work (


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