New Generation Brasil Foundation: organization

Organisatie NG Brasil

The New Generation Brasil Foundation consists of experts in the field of charity. As a foundation we are supported by the Dutch churches and charities Evangelie Gemeente Zeist and the Stichting Hij Leeft Zending, who kindly give us a firm foundation on which to do our work in Brazil.

The organization consists of a board, an advisory board and volunteers.


The board is mainly responsible for the foundation. Within and alongside the formal duties, the board carries the mission and vision of the New Generation Brasil Foundation. In addition to these enabling activities, the board is engaged in devising, drafting and establishing the policy of the foundation. The board meets quarterly.

Advisory board

The New Generation Brasil Foundation is a Christian oriented foundation. The advisory board is responsible for keeping the policies and plans of the foundation in line with Biblical principles. The meetings are consistent with the meetings of the board.


Volunteers are crucial to achieving the objectives of the foundation. We are always looking for people to help us. Will you join us?

Although we are an independent organization, we believe it is important to have the support of and cooperate with other foundations, charities and churches:

He Lives Ministries

He Lives Ministries is an independent work of faith, “for building up the Body of Christ.” The main objective is still world mission and preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with all possible means. The organization consists almost exclusively of volunteers and is funded by gifts from friends and mission partners.
He is internationally known as Missionary Survived He Lives Ministries.

Evangelie Gemeente Zeist

Evangelie Gemeente Zeist believes that we, as children of God, have received much gifts to share with others. For more information view the website of the church.

With this organization, we expect to achieve the mission and vision of the New Generation Brasil Foundation, namely a shelter for underprivileged children in Brazil where they can enjoy education, information and shelter

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